Alcatel E155 Cordless Phone with Caller ID


  • 14-segments alphanumerical display
  • Directory of 50 names and 50 numbers
  • It has a record of missed calls and redialing the last 10 numbers dialed
  • Identification of the name and number of the caller before going off-hook and for the second call
  • Backlit alphanumeric screen guarantees greater visual comfort and the presentation of the name and / or number to identify the caller
  • 18 months replacement warranty.
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Alcatel E155 gives priority to simplicity of use.

Its compact design offers you the possibility to place it anywhere it pleases you.

The alphanumerical backlit display assures you a good readability. The Caller ID feature* allows you to know who is calling even before picking up the phone !

With the capacity of 50 names and numbers, the directory makes it easy to call your favorite contacts and the incoming calls list* allows you to monitor your missed calls.

Alcatel E155 features 10 handset ringtones: 5 classical and 5 polyphonic and it is equipped with a 10 last number redial.

SKU E155 Cordless Phone
Brand Alcatel
Colour Black
 Type Cordless Phone
Display Backlit
Redial 10 last number redial
Directory 50 name and number directory
Special Filters Wireless Connection

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