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About Alcatroz

Not to be confused with the infamous Alcatraz prison, Alcatroz offers the freedom and flexibility that you can never find in the former. Joking aside, Alcatroz is an amazing computing brand from Singapore that is associated with Affordability, Unique Designs and Powerful Performance. Alcatroz has always been loud and proud about being Singaporean and needless to say, Alcatroz harbors the great ambition of delivering affordable products that offer excellent performance. All of these aspects are the reasons behind its growing successes around the world.

With the goal of crafting simple computing products and accessories that everyone can enjoy, Alcatroz has been established by the same owner of other brands such as Elysium, Armageddon, Sonicgear and Audiobox. Growing in such large family of noted gaming brands, this means that Alcatroz actually benefited from their experiences and expertise. In other words, it gives Alcatroz the advantage of building its own solid products that are both affordable and powerful at the same time.

Message from the Co-founder

While there is a phrase that says, “beggars cannot be choosers”, we at Alcatroz are ready to prove such a statement to be wrong. Understanding the needs and desires of our customers well, we are prepared to offer something that cannot be refused: affordable products that are ambitiously designed for powerful performances. To achieve such a feat, we push the boundaries of innovation and creativity as we design and develop our unique line of products.
Despite facing a lot of challenges and difficulties along the way, we have been successful in redefining the future of computing products and accessories with our products. As a result, everyone can get affordable products that can accelerate their experience to be more seamless.

~ W. Hu
Co-founder – Alcatroz


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