Wacom is a Japanese company that leads the world in graphic design tablets or drawing tablets or digitizers as they are better called with an 86% world market share. All over the world, Wacom’s drawing tablets are known for its quality and reliability and its innovative techniques in designing products or drawing tablets that are at the edge of technology and human interaction. With its drawing tablets one can do wonders. Wacom offers a remarkable product range that fits every ones needs, in terms of size, resolution, accessories and of course pockets.

The below are the segments where Wacom is most often an integral part:

  • Fine Art and Digital Paint
  • Textile Design
  • Graphic Design
  • Drawing Tablets
  • Auto Cad and Engineering Design
  • Digital Photo & Video editing
  • Cartoon and Animation Design
  • Medical Systems and Information Solutions
  • Hand writing and Signatures for the General User
  • Corporate and Sales Presentations
  • Education and Schools
  • Drawing tablets

Wacom’s role of a creative world

Wacom loves what creativity bring to the world. They believe that creativity inspires new ideas and new imaginations, and brings new changes to the world. This is the reason Wacom proud to deliver innovative digital technologies to support all aspects of human creativity. Wacom drawing tablets provide powerful new tools for creative expression, new ways to shape and share new ideas, and innovative solutions for business.

Serving creative Professionals

Wacom drawing tablets serve the passion of creative professionals around the world. Our products and services help industry leaders explore new horizon and set new standards in film and 3D animation, in industry design, digital art, game development and a broad range of human communication and expression. Wacom is committed to provide the world’s most creative talents with most advanced digital tools for expression and productivity and to support the next generation of creative experts. Wacom’s drawing tablets are the great source of expressing ideas and creativity.

Helping to capture and share ideas

Wacom believe in the power of ideas. Great new ideas come from anywhere, anytime and to anybody.  It Creates new tools and products to help everyone to capture, shape and share ideas to change the world around them and make better.