LaCie proudly state that they mix design and technology. Some may like the look of the products, but all choose LaCie for its proven superior performance just like its USB. At LaCie they work hard to make your life and work easier, better and faster.

We want you to feel confident when you use LaCie’s products. You can replace a keyboard, processor or printer but you do not want to lose your data. Your hard drive is your memory; you need to be able to back up on a second device easily. As you keep a lot of yourself and your life inside this box, we want you to look outside the box and feel good about your choice. We hope that you appreciate LaCie’s ergonomic designs and superior aesthetics USB.

LaCie began creating with world-famous designers in 1992. From Ziba Design to Philippe Starck and now Porsche Design GmbH, Karim Rashid and Ora-Ito, you are getting a piece of art when you buy a storage solution or LaCie’s USB, just like the Petite Key from LaCie a compact metal Key design USB extremely easy to carry and helps protect user’s enormous data with special features of its USB.